General Information

The Polk County Full Time District Virtual Instructional Program (PCDVIP) is a full time public school offered through the virtual format. The PCDVIP has legislative eligibility rules, expectations and District enrollment procedures.

Polk Virtual School (PVS) is a public school within Polk County through which students take their classes online.  PVS is a franchise of Florida Virtual School. Each PVS teacher holds a valid state certification in his/her subject area and receives extensive annual training and continuous mentoring.  Every teacher resides locally and is required to maintain a close relationship with students, parents and school guidance counselors.

PVS students receive individualized instruction utilizing the internet, email, telephone, instant messaging, online collaboration tools and face-to-face teacher forums. The virtual format allows flexibility of time and location, while promoting the skills and self-discipline necessary for success in the 21st century.

Students may register for any course offered through PVS (contingent upon parent and guidance counselor approval). All virtual curriculum offered through Polk County Virtual School is accredited by Advance Ed. Instruction is implemented with strict adherence to the student academic code of conduct.

PVS strives to provide the online learner with a full academic experience.  We have classrooms at our office in Lakeland where students attend monthly face-to-face instruction with certified, highly qualified teachers. We offer field experiences during which students and teachers join forces and take the lesson into the community, expanding the student’s experience–as well as fostering social interaction with peers and teachers.

PVS teachers and staff pride themselves on customer service to our students and families. The student is at the center of every decision we make.

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How to Connect with PVS

1400 Dean Street, Mulberry, FL 33860

M-F 8:00am to 4:00pm




Work at your own pace as long as you complete the required assignments each week.

Take tests when
you’re ready.

Feeling sick or going on vacation? Do extra work the week before or make-up the work the week after and don’t miss any instruction!

Easy contact with teachers if you have questions or need additional help. 

Who's It For?

Polk Virtual School serves students in grades K-12. We offer free enrollment in a full-year program as well as part-time enrollment. Our families receive instructional oversight by highly qualified teachers. Public school, private school, charter school, home education and students new to Polk County are eligible to apply.