Polk Virtual School offers a wide range of course options for full-time and part-time high school students in grades 9-12. Browse our course offerings below.

Core Academic Courses

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  • 1001310 – English 1
  • 1001315 – English 1 – Credit Recovery
  • 1001320 – English 1 – Honors
  • 1001340 – English 2
  • 1001345 – English 2 – Credit Recovery
  • 1001350 – English 2 – Honors
  • 1001370 – English 3
  • 1001375 – English 3 – Credit Recovery
  • 1001380 – English 3 – Honors
  • 1001400 – English 4
  • 1001402 – English 4 – Credit Recovery
  • 1001410 – English 4 – Honors


  • 1200310 – Algebra 1
  • 1200315 – Algebra 1 – Credit Recovery
  • 1200320 – Algebra 1 – Honors
  • 1206310 – Geometry
  • 1206315 – Geometry – Credit Recovery
  • 1206320 – Geometry – Honors
  • 1200330 – Algebra 2
  • 1200340 – Algebra 2 – Honors
  • 1200700 – Mathematics for College Readiness
  • 1207300 – Liberal Arts Mathematics 1
  • 1207310 – Liberal Arts Mathematics 2


  • 2000310 – Biology 1
  • 2000315 – Biology 1 – Credit Recovery
  • 2000320 – Biology 1 – Honors
  • 2000350 – Anatomy and Physiology
  • 2003310 – Physical Science
  • 2003320 – Physical Science – Honors
  • 2003340 – Chemistry 1
  • 2003345 – Chemistry 1 – Credit Recovery
  • 2002480 – Forensic Science 1
  • 2002500 – Marine Science


  • 2100310 – United States History
  • 2100315 – United States History – Credit Recovery
  • 2100320 – United States History – Honors
  • 2102335 – Economics w/ Financial Literacy
  • 2102340 – Economics w/Financial Literacy – Credit Recovery
  • 2102345 – Economics w/Financial Literacy – Honors
  • 2106310 – United States Government
  • 2106315 – United States Government – Credit Recovery
  • 2106320 – United States Government – Honors
  • 2107300 – Psychology 1
  • 2109310 – World History
  • 2109315 – World History – Credit Recovery
  • 2109320 – World History – Honors
  • 2106350 – Law Studies


  • 0708340 – Spanish 1
  • 0708350 – Spanish 2

Elective Courses

African American History

Information Coming Soon

Career Research and Decision Making

This course will show you how to prepare for, get accepted to and pay for college. You will explore different career and education pathways, study interview techniques and networking tips, create smart resumes, and learn how to plan for a successful future. Throughout the course you will be coached by Mawi Asgedom, a Harvard graduate and a student leadership expert who has trained more than 1 million students. Opportunity is knocking, are you ready?

Pre-Requisites: None
Credits: 0.5
Semesters: 1
Course Number: 1700380

Critical Thinking and Study Skills

Increase your success in high school and beyond by learning proven study techniques and test-taking skills. This half-credit course teaches the ACE test-taking method to increase scores on key tests such as the ACT, SAT, and tests for graduation. Throughout the course, Mawi Asgedom, a Harvard graduate who was an expert who has trained more than a million students.

Pre-Requisites: None
Credits: 0.5
Semesters: 1
Course Number: 1700370

Digital Information Technology

Diving into this exciting course provides you with the foundational skills needed for future careers in game development, web design, software engineering and even emerging technologies, operating systems, and much more! Learn your strengths and how they relate to potential career opportunities. This course serves as a prerequisite to many careers and technical education programs of study.

Pre-Requisites: None
Credits: 1
Semesters: 2
Course Number: 8207310

Driver Education/Traffic Safety

Develop safe driving skills by studying the Highway Transportation System, traffic signs, rules of the road, and how to make good choices behind the wheel. This course fulfills the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) required completion of the Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE). As an added benefit for completing the course with FLVS, you will also be eligible to take the Florida Learner’s License (permit) exam online for FREE*!

Pre-Requisites: Must be at least 14 and a half years old
Credits: 0.5
Semesters: 1
Course Number: 1900300

Environmental Science

Information Coming Soon

Foundations of Programming Honors

Learn the skills required to be competitive in today’s high-tech workforce. This course covers the fundamentals of programming using the computer language Python. It provides you with the concepts, techniques, and processes associated with computer programming and software development. You’ll also explore the vast programming career opportunities available in this high-demand field. This course is part of a program of study that provides coherent and rigorous content needed for progression in the Information Technology career cluster.

Pre-Requisites: Digital Information Technology
Credits: 1
Semesters: 2
Course Number: 9007210

Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE)

Your path to lifelong fitness starts here. You’ll set a variety of goals that will guide you toward leading a healthy lifestyle. During your journey, you’ll perform daily physical activity, design a personal fitness plan that suits your interests, and keep track of your fitness progress. You’ll monitor your exercise and nutrition using a personalized wellness plan.

Pre-Requisites: None
Credits: 1
Semesters: 2
Course Number: 3026010

Journalism 1

Explore a career in journalism and learn how to write a news story, a feature story, and an editorial. Throughout this course, you learn best practices for conducting research and interviews, analyzing the reliability of sources, and self-editing. This course provides a practical art credit to meet the art requirement for high school graduation.

Pre-Requisites: M/J Language Arts 3 recommended.
Credits: 1
Semesters: 2
 Course Number: 1006300

Law Studies

What are your rights as an American citizen? In this course, you will investigate aspects of family and consumer law, and learn how the state and federal court systems work. Gain an understanding of the judicial system and examine key differences between civil and criminal law.

Pre-Requisites: None
Credits: 0.5
Semesters: 1
Course Number:

Leadership Skills Development

Succeed in high school, college, and beyond by taking your future into your own hands. In this two-semester course, you will learn how to take action, manage your time, chart your goals, and many other leadership techniques. This course provides elective credit only.

Pre-Requisites: None
Credits: 1
Semesters: 2
Course Number: 2400300

Outdoor Education

Develop your skills in outdoor activities like boating and hunting and learn about wildlife and outdoor and extreme sports. By meeting all the requirements of the course, you will be eligible to obtain a state of Florida Hunter Safety Card and Florida Boating Safety ID Card. Exclusive to FLVS students and endorsed by the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC), you can now earn your Hunter Safety Card through the Virtual Field Day component in the course, rather than physically attending the FWC Field Day.

Pre-Requisites: None
Credits: 0.5
Semesters: 1
Course Number: 1502480

Peer Counseling 1

Gain the skills to help you succeed in all areas of your life. You will learn how to take action, set goals, manage your time, and help your peers. This course is recommended for ELL (English Language Learner) students but open to all students.

Pre-Requisites: This course is recommended for ELL students, but open to all students.
Credits: 0.5
Semesters: 1
Course Number: 1400300

Peer Counseling 2

Increase your confidence and build your social skills as you learn how to conquer peer pressure, social anxiety, and the unnecessary risks that can derail your future. In this class you’ll discover how your “super-charged” teen brain really works, so you can make better decisions and achieve more. As you journey through this course you are inspired and coached by Mawi Asgedom, a Harvard graduate and leadership expert who has trained over one million students.

Pre-Requisites: Peer Counseling 1
Credits: 0.5
Semesters: 1
Course Number: 1400310

Personal Finance

Information Coming Soon

Personal Fitness

Get started on your path to lifelong fitness by setting goals and working toward them. Along the way, you’ll perform daily physical activity, design a fitness plan, and keep track of your progress using an interactive wellness plan.

Pre-Requisites: None
Credits: 0.5
Semesters: 1
Course Number: 1501300

Procedural Programming

Do you want to learn higher-level coding skills? This course teaches advanced programming concepts using the computer language Python. You will learn techniques and processes associated with computer programming and software development. This course provides honors-level elective credit. Digital Information Technology, Foundations of Programming, and Procedural Programming make up the Web Application and Development POS.

Pre-Requisites: Digital Information Technology (or Introduction to Information Technology) and Foundations of Programming
Credits: 0.5
Semesters: 1
Course Number: 9007220
This course is also available in Honors.

Psychology 1

Where do thoughts and memories come from? What are emotions? And why do we behave the way we do? In Psychology I, you will begin to understand the human mind by exploring the research and theories of some of the most brilliant psychologists throughout history. In addition, learn psychological tips that you can use every day, like how to cope and reduce stress. This course provides elective credit only.

Pre-Requisites: None
Credits: 0.5
Semesters: 1
Course Number:

Social Media 1

Explore your individual contribution and influential powers by identifying your digital imprint. In this course, you will examine the world through social media, where citizen journalism is the news, personal audiences are your critics and your supporters, and personal connection is subjective. This course provides elective credit only. Active use of the social media network of your choice is required for this course (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

Pre-Requisites: None
Credits: 0.5
Semesters: 1
Course Number: 1006375

World Religion

Information Coming Soon