Conditional Enrollment (Re-Enrollment Agreement)

  • Students are required to take all assessments required by the state and the district.
  • Students should maintain an appropriate academic pace in all courses. Students who fall 2 or more weeks behind the expected pace may be placed on academic probation. 6% behind pace = 5 days absent.
  • Students who fall 4 or more weeks behind will be withdrawn from Polk Virtual School and be placed into zoned school.
  • Polk Virtual School courses follow semester deadlines established by the PCPS Calendar. Extensions outside of these dates will not be granted.
  • Academic integrity is the cornerstone of online learning. Students are expected to do their own work and should not cut, copy, or plagiarize Internet content.
  • Parents and students will establish and maintain regular communication with all teachers.

Technology Needs

Students must have access to the following in order to participate in Polk Virtual School:

  • Computer (this excludes phones and Chromebooks)
  • Internet access
  • A webcam or built-in camera
  • Full keyboard
  • Microsoft Office
  • An external flash drive may be needed
  • Headphones may be needed when meeting with teachers online
  • Microphone (this can be a built-in computer feature or and external mic)

Extra-Curricular Activites

Polk Virtual Students are permitted to participate in extracurricular activities at their zoned school if given prior approval by the zoned school principal.